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"Raw and unfiltered, Blind is the antithesis to HR’s utopic vision of a manageable and orderly corporate culture. Instead, it operates outside the walled gardens of IT with no rules and no official corporate supervision." Read More

"Blind is different in that it's for employees, more like Slack than YikYak. It's the mobile app equivalent of the office water cooler where employees share scuttlebutt on everything from job openings to layoffs to how they feel about their company's management and culture."

"Perhaps the reason for Blind’s success with Uber employees is that it serves an unfilled need —a way to engage with your co-workers and tech colleagues without fear of reprisal."

"Blind allows all employees…to sign up through their work email but then chat anonymously about office and industry issues…But in the past year, Blind has also become a hotbed for frank talk about sexual harassment."

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