The Official 2017 Wrap Up: What happened in tech that you should know about

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This past year broke ground in innovation, starting the process of unraveling broken foundations/systems, and paving a way to a new discussion on how we approach work.

As a society, we get to write a new narrative on what meaningful work and diversity in the workplace looks like.

Below is a year in review of key news stories that happened in tech:

Uber, Susan Fowler, and Calling-Out Tech Bro Culture

Susan Fowler’s post about tech bro culture sent a shockwave through the tech industry last year and brought up a serious investigation into HR practices, corporate cultures that cherry-picked sexual harassment claims, and kickstarted a dialogue into how we can create cultures of diversity, inclusion, and open communication. This ultimately led to chief executive of Uber, Travis Kalanick, getting fired and stepping into an “indefinite leave of absence” after push from shareholders and investors.

Google Manifesto: What is diversity?

James Damore wrote a full 10-page manifesto on shaming culture, political correctness in the company, and his perspective on diversity of thought. Damore was fired by Google for the manifesto since it was considered sexist and wasn’t in alignment with Google’s  stance on diversity and inclusion. This brings up a discussion on diversity of thought, gender, race, and sexual orientation, and how to navigate doing the right thing.

Hello, Web! Meet Blind

Your anonymous workplace community has a new home in addition to its mobile home. You can now access the Topics section of Blind via your desktop or laptop computer –expansion feels good!

AMA, Experts, and Multimillion Dollar Crypto Portfolios

The AMA topic proved to be a big hit in 2017. Opening up the doors to consulting and gaining behind-the-scenes knowledge from experts in a variety of industries. One example is the AMA session with a cryptocurrency guru who manages a multimillion dollar crypto portfolio. 

Are You Getting Paid Enough?

As a reference to help other Blind users, a Facebook engineer posted the salary offers they received from Google, Lyft, Dropbox, Airbnb, Palantir, and Facebook, along with reasons for choosing Facebook in the end.Getting critical salary information levels the playing field and helps Blind users stay more competitive in the workplace.

Survey: I’m satisfied here…
Just over 3,000 users responded with either ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to the statement “I’m satisfied here.” Overall, 55% were satisfied vs 45% unsatisfied.

Out of the top 25 companies (by total responses), the ten companies with the happiest employees were Netflix, PayPal, BlackBerry, Adobe, Facebook, Lyft, Google, Salesforce, Twitter, and VMware. The companies with less than half of employees responding that they are satisfied at their company were Microsoft, eBay, Expedia, Airbnb, Tableau, and Snap.

Survey: Leadership at my company is…

Just over 2,000 Blind users responded with either “Good” or “Bad” when surveyed about the leadership at their company. Overall, 56% indicated that their company had good leadership, vs 44% who disagreed.

Out of the top 20 companies (by total responses), more than three-quarters of employees surveyed at Netflix, BlackBerry, Facebook, Adobe responded that they were satisfied with leadership at their company. However, more than 70% of employees at Airbnb, SnapChat, Twitch, and Intel responded negatively about leadership at their respective companies.   

Survey: Morale at my company is…

More than 2,000 employees responded to the survey question about employee morale at their company, with 57% overall saying company morale was “Good” at their company, vs 43% indicating the opposite.

Not surprisingly, the companies with the highest percentage of positive responses about employee morale were Netflix, PayPal, Adobe, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Lyft. All seven tech companies finished with at least 75% of employees responding that morale was “good” at their company.

The companies with the highest percentage of negative responses about company morale were Autodesk, Snapchat, Intel, Oath, and Twitch. At least 75% of employees surveyed at these companies indicated that morale was bad at their company.

Survey: My company did well in 2017

More than 2,000 Blind users responded to this survey,  with 55% overall saying their company did well, while 45% indicating the opposite.

At least three-quarters of Netflix, PayPal, Adobe, Facebook, and Lyft employees responded that their company performed well in 2017. At least 75% of employees surveyed at six companies responded that their company performed poorly in 2017. These companies are Autodesk, Snap, Oath, Intel, Twitch, and NerdWallet.

Survey: My company will do well in 2018

While three-quarters of employees at six tech companies responded that their company did not do well in 2017, their responses for the future are much more optimistic. More than 2,000 Blind users were surveyed on this topic, with 79% indicating a positive outlook for 2018, vs 21% with a less optimistic outlook.

Out of the top 20 tech companies (by total responses), Intel was the only company to have less than 50% respond that their company will perform well in 2018.

Survey: My performance in 2017 was…

More than 1,800 Blind users responded to this survey about their individual performance in 2017, with 55% indicating they thought they did well.

Employees at Netflix, PayPal, Adobe, Facebook, and Google were the most confident about their individual performance in 2017. At the other end of the spectrum, 25% or less of employees at Autodesk, Snap, Oath, Intel, Twitch, and Nerdwallet approved of their performance in 2017.

From cryptocurrency education to conversations on diversity, we’re expanding workplace conversations and diving deeper into acknowledging the differences we all share and how we can use those differences to make new solutions and redefine culture. Society expands when we expand the conversation. What breaking news story from 2017 were you following? Join the conversation at Blind and anonymously share your perspective!

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