18 months non compete agreement - AWS finance offer

Ecolab GSFb16
Nov 19 3 Comments

As part of the AWS finance offer - L6.5 i am being asked to sign a 18 month non compete agreement. essentiallt i cannot join amazons competitors after leaving them for 18 minths. is it expected in these market for finance jobs? can i negotiate this ? have other amazon finance folks signed something similar recently?


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  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    Amazon, Facebook
    ex-AMZN, ex-fb
    Amazon makes people sign noncompetes. They have not enforced it for anyone I know. At that level very unlikely they wont.
    Nov 19 1
    • McKinsey gaandKeBal
      I know someone who they enforced it on, in California it is hard to enforce from what I understand. Be careful, make them get as specific as possible and see if you can negotiate some cash $$ in the event things don’t work out, particularly while the non compete is in force
      Nov 19
  • Apple Snut Ella
    Amazon competes with every company on the planet. Ask them if they can enumerate specific competition.
    Nov 19 0


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