3.5 toddler started stammering suddenly

Dell LucieMa
May 31 10 Comments

Its been a month now. Is it temporary or should I see a doc for her ?


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  • Rubrik PartyStick
    I’m still stammering even right now that’s why I’m a software engineer and not a cunning linguist.
    May 31 0
  • Facebook public2
    Go yesterday as others have said.
    May 31 0
  • Nvidia wooh!
    Speech therapist. Sometimes it goes away, sometimes it doesn’t. Still with me in my case.
    May 31 0
  • Honeywell wellHoney
    It could be a serious medical issue, most likely it’ll be nothing. Either way don’t take the risk and go to the Dr now.
    May 31 0
  • LinkedIn / Product gassoup
    See a doctor quickly.
    May 31 0
  • Yahoo / Eng DYQr00
    I was still stammering at the age of six and only then did my parents take me to speech therapist... Take your child to a doctor as early as possible.
    May 31 2
    • Dell LucieMa
      Did it get completely resolved by therapist help ?
      May 31
    • Yahoo / Eng DYQr00
      I still stammer sometimes under stress but very rarely. When I started taking therapy at 6 I couldn’t finish a complete sentence
      May 31
  • Fannie Mae / IT mdarkroom
    Best to take him to a speech therapist. Best to start early in life to avoid problems like insecurity, fear of being bullied etc. Cognitive therapy can help.
    I understand how you could feel as a parent. I want you to know it's not life threatening or serious, but you will be doing your child a favor if you take him to see someone. It could be just this small phase for all we know. Everything is curable.
    Jun 3 0
  • Amazon WVAl42
    Primary care physician should know what to do. Go right away.
    May 31 0