4 years total comp - Lead / Manager/ Senior Manager

Visa Yogic
Feb 16, 2018 1 Comment

Assuming 4 years is a decent time to stay in one job..

Total package:
Location: SV
Sign on cash - 0
Sign on stocks - 0
Base - 180 - 220k
Bonus - 20% yearly
RSUs - 0 - 40k based on performance. 3 year vesting
401k - 10%
ESPP - Yes at 15% discount
4 years total - 1.2M to 1.3M approximately

From some of the posts, I see that FAANG is in the 1.5M range for 4 years..
not sure what it is for companies like Microsoft, Intel, Nvdia, Cisco, Intuit and start ups like Uber, Air Bnb, Lyft..

At the end the quality of life and work life balance matters above the 200 to 400k total difference over 4 years.. I have heard work pressure is lot in companies like FAANG. What about other companies ? Is there lot of pressure ?


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  • Microsoft Shane9
    If you're a level 66, usually a first level manager, you can get offers of $450-500k at Microsoft per year. Even higher at L67/68 and so on but it's much more harder to come in at the level. An equivalent at FB would be probably be E6 where you might get $5-600k (or more) per year.
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