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Amazon Pkmn38
Apr 3 14 Comments

I am waiting on the decision from HC. Due to time constraints ( transferring visa etc), I have accepted offer from non-FANG. How long does HC feedback is valid if I get offer and join later?

Will google wait for 12-13 months for L5 position?

Current TC - 330K
TC Of offer I accepted - 390K, additional 100k sign on bonus ( 13 months lock-in)


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  • Amazon lifeisgud!
    What nonFAnG did you accept? Are you L6 or L5 at amzn?
    Apr 3 12
    • Amazon Pkmn38
      Google moved to monthly vesting on joining. Big differentiator :), let’s HC comes with positive outcome
      Apr 3
    • Uber Tổng
      Tell the recruiter about your time pressure and competing offer, and perhaps they can get your packet processed more quickly.
      Apr 4
    • New / Eng FAANG_
      Can u mention the name of non FAANG company you joined?
      Apr 4
    • Amazon lifeisgud!
      Please share that great nonFANG. There is no non-prestigious company, there is only non-prestigious pay.
      Apr 4
    • Amazon lifeisgud!
      Cool. Thanks! How difficult is interview there? Lc easy/med?
      Apr 4
  • Intermedia kVvj47
    Apr 4 0