A direction for- Android dev/flutter - Faang ?

Jul 17 6 Comments

I am Native Android developer (i too manage small team of 4 devs)Graduate computer science with almost 4.5YOE, TC $15k (location: chennai,india).

What should be obvious choice, leave job prepare for FAANG(or anything better ) ?, but none post shows how to for Android/mobile dev.

All videos on youtube, blogpost/ CTCI is for Java/C++/Python/Javascript frontend or full stack.
But nothing about Android devs. please share some link or direction.

Also should i switch to flutter(or react native) for getting edge.

I have full time 2-3 months or preparation, current level I can speak,read and write java/kotlin and knows intermediate level of Android sdk native framework.

Thanks in Advance.


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  • New Loliet
    I am not an Android dev, but I did iOS interview for FANG and other top companies. I can tell you it might be a little bit different than normal SE but not much. Still LC questions but in the scope of front end engineer. System design is focused on client app design.
    Jul 17 2
    • thnx for headsup, will focus on CTCI and grinding leetcode .
      Jul 17
    • Airbnb KzOQ16
      Leetcode is required no matter what dev you are. For mobile dev you also probably need to work on small app during the interviewd
      Jul 17
  • Airbnb KzOQ16
    Don't move to react native. Flutter might be the future but as of now concentrate on native
    Jul 17 1
    • yeah i have read horrible stories of how few companies bet on react native and then had to come back on native

      **Concentrate on Native** - I will definitely take your words here, was 80% inclined on this.
      Jul 17
  • Facebook / Mgmt vjuiu
    We definitely need android dev.
    Jul 17 0


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