AVOID Apple ad platforms

Apple pluto007
Oct 4 17 Comments

We have network of intuit managers running the show, people are paid based on their relationships, merit is never taken into account so don’t even think about that.

Plus all the contractors over there have been given full time as it is getting hard for them to find real talent.

It’s just sad that Apple as such is a great company but Ad platforms group is a total mess.

As a result turnover at ad platforms is pretty high with many people disappearing without giving any notice. Many leaving within few months of joining the group.

This high turnover has been kind of an issue at Ad platforms for last 2 years and still going on with no clear end in sight.

Don’t believe me, Just search the profiles of all the senior leaders at Ad Platforms and you will notice most of the managers, directors and Sr Directors are from INTUIT.

This is for Cupertino, Hyderabad & Austin.

The group is worse than IS&T.

I feel sorry for those who recently joined there. Hope they can get out safely.


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  • Facebook maple dip
    apple has ads?
    Oct 4 0
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Apple pluto007
      Run away and never look back
      Oct 5
  • Apple HcUR78
    Why r u still there, u seem pretty frustrated overall
    Oct 18 1
    • Apple abcdeeff
      Everyone here will make a move, many already preparing...
      Oct 21
  • SAP ghhg
    Is it in Cupertino? I am waiting for result. People seem nice.
    Oct 15 2
    • Apple pluto007
      Cupertino has a very high attrition rate. Run away and never look back.
      Oct 16
    • Intuit asdfghj77
      Hi how your experience with on-site interview ?
      Oct 31
  • Apple plats
    There is super micro-management happening here and they note how much time you spend taking lunch.
    Oct 17 1
  • Microsoft oXJQ15
    You in hyd?
    Oct 7 1
    • Apple pluto007
      Cannot disclose my location.
      Oct 11
  • Apple TvHc35
    The org is doing very well, but there have been changes to support growth and it didn’t work for some.
    Nov 10 0
  • Apple cobras
    Op DMed you
    Oct 16 0
  • Apple pluto007
    Same with Hyderabad, many people have left after joining with in a year.
    Oct 16 0
  • Apple pluto007
    Several people have disappeared all of a sudden and no one knows what happened.
    Oct 16 0
  • Indeed epGT65
    Which location is this?
    Oct 5 0
  • Infosys BRY47
    You talking about iAd? I don’t think people who make apps for the app store have a choice.
    Oct 4 0


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