AWS Elastic Search team???

Cisco / Eng

Cisco Eng

Sep 18, 2018 9 Comments


Anyone worked for or know people who worked/ are working for AWS Elastic Search team over in East Palo Alto? I want to get an idea about the team culture, wlb, and just the vibe in general.

Appreciate any info...



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TOP 9 Comments
  • Amazon ..|
    shitty WLB. What role?
    Sep 18, 2018 2
    • Dell k7$9+oV
      Heard this from a friend as well. Gets to work at 8 leaves at 7 pm.
      Sep 18, 2018
    • Oracle Lalad
      @..| I am looking to join elastic search team in Bangalore IDC. How is the work culture apart from wlb ?
      May 9
  • CA Technologies 21211
    Sep 18, 2018 1
    • Oracle Lalad
      Can you please provide more details if you heard it from someone who works in this team ?
      May 9
  • Amazon / Other EEfw27
    May be good to avoid. It is open source and behind competition
    Sep 18, 2018 1
    • Amazon WicH21
      Behind what competition?
      Sep 24, 2018
  • Tableau bobeldr
    The office is good tho, compared to other amz offices. They have cheap cafe and free snack/cup noodle/ drinks etc.
    Jun 28 0
  • Tableau bobeldr
    My friend works there. Bad wlb, high attrition rate. They are actively hiring because so many people have left
    Jun 28 0


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