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New zeroooo
Sep 28 7 Comments

Is there anyone working in Seattle Kinesis team or knows about how the team and WLB would be?
I am thinking of joining Amazon and I am completely shattered by all the negative things about AWS. Most of the questions finally result in "depends on the team". So I thought to get information about the team itself.

How is the WLB? Mainly work hours?
How often is on call and how bad is it?

Also a general question, what is on call? I will have to stay awake over night if issue arises?

TC 220k


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  • Amazon j3AO9lh
    I don't know anything about kinesis but figured I'd cover what oncall is. You basically are the point of contact for any tickets created for your team for the week. That includes on and off hours. You don't necessarily have to solve them yourself but you're responsible for the ticket being solved... Meaning even if it's a ticket outside of your role or skillset, you have to track someone down to help solve it.

    It's only really bad if you get a sev2 because it means the SLA is so tight that you need to wake up in the middle of the night to figure things out.
    Sep 28 2
    • New zeroooo
      Do u get extra vacation days for on call weekends? If u get to work the whole evening, is that compensated with PTO?
      Sep 28
    • Amazon A2Z Peccy
      It's just part of your job. No perks to it. How often is dependent on your team but my team is about 1 week every 3 months
      Sep 28
  • New WhES40
    So does kinesis just use Apache Kafka underneath and gives all operational guarantees? Or is it something implemented completely independent of Kafka. Curious....
    Sep 28 1
    • New zeroooo
      I heard they were different. Not sure
      Sep 28
  • Amazon / Mgmt ready2ret
    You are not ready
    Sep 28 1
    • New zeroooo
      So what should I do to become ready?
      Sep 28


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