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Apr 8 5 Comments

I have applied for a job for Airbnb in Europe... still no answer but I keep thinking I am the right person from the JD. At the same time, I also wonder if my current company might not be as good as it gets in terms of inclusion, personal growth, supporting environment etc. How is Airbnb for women?


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  • Facebook public2
    Get a referral, (almost) no one reads the stack of random applications.
    Apr 8 2
    • Airbnb abshdirb
      Actually this isn’t true at Airbnb. Our recruiters are way overworked as a result lol
      Apr 8
    • eBay JobHunt&r
      Unfortunately I realised that I don't have much L1 connections in Airbnb... other suggestions on how to get noticed?
      Apr 9
  • Apple iSucker
    I heard they have issues to discriminate Indians ;-)
    Apr 9 0
  • / Eng
    WLB Eng

    Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google
    Software Engineer and former phd candidate in biophysics
    airbnb is the best comp for women or minorities.
    Apr 8 0