Alaska Quality of Service

Microsoft ccmbrwater
May 27 6 Comments

I fly Alaska most of the time and I used to love it. They used to be reilable and responsive. Since last year or so, bad experiences has started with a pattern of long delays. I'm talking 4 to 14 hours delays and flight cancelations. I've heard a few other similar anecdotes too. I wonder if it's the merger with Virgin or expanding in general or something else, but they're definitely not the same airline.

Do you have a similar experience?



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  • Verizon Anonyvzous
    Last six flights have been a joke.

    The new menu that's supposed to be a bridge between Alaska and Virgin sucks, the amount of broken shit on the former VA planes is frustrating (head rests, headphone jacks,. Seat tables). I went from loving both airlines to tweeting and e-mailing them about how shit they've become.

    They are NOT worth the premium the charge.
    May 27 3
    • Cisco dj639sbk
      The screens in the former VA planes only work on, like, a third of my flights. So I can vouch for this.
      May 27
    • Uber zzzz5
      They're replacing all the interiors on Airbus aircraft and getting rid of the screens, so not much reason to spend much maintaining them.
      May 27
    • Cisco dj639sbk
      Really? That’s a bummer. I like the flight tracker.
      May 28
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    What were the causes of the delays? Most are not under the airline’s control.
    May 27 1
    • Microsoft ccmbrwater
      For me both cases were. Technical issues with the plane.

      What makes it worse is that they don't manage it that well. The crew is still nice and professional, but poor management.
      May 27


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