Amazon Canada, Good team to join?

Sea YelL65
Mar 21 6 Comments

I have just received an offer for Amazon Canada (Vancouver), SWE position at Operations Technology team. Anyone here have information about that team, is it good to join? WLB, how bad is it? can it compare to Asian style 9AM-9PM, 5 days per week?



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  • MathWorks p8Rz2u

    Take it as you will, linking an interesting article I remember reading about Amazon Vancouver.
    Mar 21 0
  • New / Eng young$$
    It depends. AWS team could have bad WLB. TC and YoE?
    Mar 21 1
    • Sea YelL65
      the team is operation technology team, tc is still under negotiation, 6 yoe
      Mar 21
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    • Oracle fedora
      Bullshit. Not all teams at amazon have a bad wlb. My team is great. At least I don’t have to constantly worry about layoffs unlike the previous shithole aka oracle. Also, my paycheque looks much better now.
      Mar 21
  • American Express

    American Express

    tipis more
    I am looking for Program manager role in Amazon Vancouver... do you have any contact who can provide a referral?
    Mar 27 0
  • Amazon KBFC30
    That team sounds like great wlb. Not all teams in amzn have bad wlb. If you're curious, ask your recruiter you'd like to speak with the manager you'll be reporting to before making a decision. Ask him how often his engineers get paged. Don't ever use the words 'work life balance'. Not alot of amazonians like that word.
    Mar 21 0