Amazon Job Location Transfer

Insureon ShipJumper
Jan 16 10 Comments

How difficult is it to change job location if I initially start from Seattle? Recruiter claimed during the interview that it's really easy and there are no time restrictions on changing a team.


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  • Amazon QUfT36
    i really hope we dont hire you
    Jan 16 1
  • Amazon Hook'Em
    It's pretty easy, just look up jobs internally, have a coffee chat with the manager, a small interview loop with the team, and you're good to go. Most people transfer roles every 18 to 30 months. But you're only eligible for relo packages every two years.
    Jan 16 3
    • Insureon ShipJumper
      Thank you
      Jan 16
    • Cornerstone sCoz12
      Small interview loop? So pretty much the same as external candidate? :(
      Jan 16
    • Amazon odVN70
      Is two years a strict requirement? What if I'm close to it?
      Jan 17
  • Amazon -.-.-.
    Easy but watch out for bad manager and the notorious dev list.

    If and when you decide to transfer, tell your manager and cc HRBP or manger can and will put you on dev list to block your transfer.
    Jan 17 2
    • Amazon sillykid
      What is the dev list?
      Jan 17
    • Amazon bobbyhill
      It’s the development list, or even worse you could be placed on PIP/Pivot.
      Jan 20
  • Amazon sde007
    Very easy.
    Jan 16 0