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New pmny
Jan 18 5 Comments

I have 13+ years of experience with the majority of wall street firms and top 3 Management consulting firms ( McKinsey , Bain, BCG etc). I am looking to make a transition in Amazon for their Capital Markets practice especially with a focus on AWS service to the large investment banks.

What are the various level I can look into I am targeting 500 - 750 comp what level should I shoot for. What kind of preparation I needed. Leetcode etc..


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Uber 8bithit
    You won't seriously amazon doesnt pay that much to anyone under L8 (director) and if youre not coming from tech you're not L8
    Jan 18 2
    • Expedia bandito
      You clearly don't know wall street. Silicon Valley salaries are chump change in comparison.
      Jan 18
    • Nielsen / Eng

      Nielsen Eng

      ^ doesn't mean Amazon is willing to compete with Wall Street salaries. Everyone knows Wall Street is top of the pay chain.
      Jan 18
  • New pmny
    Wall Street is no longer and also done with Fintech. Want to get out of banks badly.
    Jan 19 0
  • Capital One Vfua50
    You forgot Citadel. It pays your range in fintech
    Jan 18 0

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