Amazon Offer L5 (SDE II) in NYC

Bloomberg jasonginus
Aug 13 13 Comments

Just got an offer from Amazon in NYC office with TC as follows

Base: 175K
Sign: 75K 1st year / 50K 2nd year
RSU: 165K allocated for 4 years (5%, 15%, 40%, 40%)

Is it a good offer? I have 4 years working experience.


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TOP 13 Comments
  • Microsoft UMbR31
    Wow, insane
    Aug 13 0
  • You can negotiate for a bit more, target 270/year average for the full four years because you won’t be getting any refreshers or raises. You can get 180 base, 80k 1st year, 60k second year, 95 shares

    Also don’t forget you can also negotiate with BBG. They can offer 210 base and 60 bonus if you’d like to stay
    Aug 13 3
    • Bloomberg jasonginus
      Yeah, I will definitely consider that
      Aug 19
    • Bloomberg jasonginus
      Got the new numbers after negotiation. 175 base, 100k 1st year, 80k 2nd year, 114 shares.
      Aug 20
    • That’s a top offer. Congrats.
      Aug 20
  • Amazon sYJS16
    what u mean 165K? they gave u $ amount and not # of RSU’s?
    Aug 13 2
    • Samsung sammydammy
      Yeah, strange. How many no of stocks op? Amazon usually gives no of stocks over 4 years not $ amount
      Aug 13
    • Bloomberg jasonginus
      90 shares for 4 years
      Aug 19
  • Facebook nkotb?
    That’s a strong offer, especially on signing. Is that typical for amazon or did you have to negotiate for it?
    Aug 13 1
    • Amazon doesn’t offer refreshers unless stock goes down and no raises once you hit 180 in NYC. So it’s good starting but FB will beat easily over the four years
      Aug 13
  • eBay / Eng dwenig
    Solid offer. Take it
    Aug 13 0
  • Microsoft itcurious
    Good base, strong offer.
    Aug 13 0
  • Amazon / Eng Scsjiixxjw
    4 year, yes
    Aug 13 0


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