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TreeHouse Foods amz19
Mar 1 8 Comments

Hello all.
I joined amazon as pathways operations manager ( level 6) and got base + RSU( vesting over 4 years) + signing bonus. I got promoted to Senior Operations Manager (level 7) last year. I recently heard from a friend that I won’t get more RSU after year 4? Is it true? Will I get more RSU for year 5 and 6??? Please help!!!


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  • New / Eng sparked
    You will get refreshers every year to bring your expected TC up to match your target TC. This may mean you don’t get any additional units because the stock appreciation puts you over your target TC. You will always get additional RSUs granted for year 5/6 but that won’t happen until year 3/4 since refreshers best after 2 years
    Mar 1 2
    • TreeHouse Foods amz19
      Thank you. Would you know what is the target TC for L7 at amazon?
      Mar 1
    • CLARA analytics

      CLARA analytics

      Strategy and Analytics
      How is target TC determined?
      Mar 2
  • Amazon bayyyzoes
    Just so I understand, if my RSUs (that I of course immediately sell at vesting) allow me to make 50k over TC in year 4 then Amazon will only give me enough RSUs in year 5 to hit TC-50k?
    Mar 1 1
    • New / Eng sparked
      No they will always try to get your TC to be your target TC; they don’t care if in y2 and y3 your TC was ahead of your target.
      Mar 1
  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    I like how you ended your question with a desperate "please help!!!"
    Mar 2 0
  • Amazon StringaBel
    Pay attention to your manager when s/he explains your PCS. Your questions would have all been answered there.
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  • Amazon TPMs
    Mind sharing your actual TC?
    Mar 2 0