Amazon SDE 1 offer 5 yoe lowball?

Microsoft msftPerson

Currently SDE II at MSFT TC 150K

Seems like they are trying to lowball me gave standard "Just didn't quite have enough for SDE II" and "Will be on fast track to SDE II" will start as "High end of SDE I"


Will post offer numbers when I have them...


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  • Why would anyone go from MS to Amazon lol?🤔
  • Amazon / EngGHskann
    No such thing as fast track
  • Oracle Yex
    Fast track is BS. They tell you to rope you in.
  • Amazon / EngWiskers
    Shit offer. Do better at your interviews next time
  • Amazon Rndjrhb-&4
    90% of College hires get to SDE2 in 2 years. Some of them even get to SDE3 by year 5. So it’s up to you if you want to be SDE1 in such a place. Pay increase isn’t going to be significant either as range is small.
  • Facebook / EngUrmc00
    levels at amazon are coarse. sde iii is a huge deal and sde ii is also big. low end / high end are very real terms there. they should have more levels tbh.
  • Facebook 한국
    I had 3 months experience and was given sde 2 offer lol.
    Super inconsistent leveling imo
    • Amazon / EngAm A Bot
      Not always. What matters is the quality of the experience. I’ve seen engineers with 9 months get SDE2 and 10 years get nothing. And both were the right call.

      It also depends on your education: having a masters degree or PhD can help substantially on the coding/system design questions.
  • Microsoft TEpK14
    Umm. No. At 5.5 yoe I had an offer for high end SDE 2. Your interviews did not go well
  • Microsoft / Engyuyup
    Walk away unless you are desperate to leave Microsoft
  • Microsoft @S Nutella
    Seems lowball. What's the base?
  • Amazon / EngAm A Bot
    I’ve done > 350 amazon interviews and can speak from experience here. 5 years is the outer edge for SDE1. 4 years is where I usually draw the line except in unusual circumstances.

    I have seen candidates who were better than all SDE1 but not better than 50% of SDE2 (the hiring bar). I’ve made the case for “fast tracking to promotion” because p0 for SDE2 *is* the promotion bar.

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