Amazon SDE2 Seattle Offer eval & team selection help

New / IT dfs.bfs
Aug 9 6 Comments

Got selected for sde2 role at amazon seattle in a hiring event.

Need help with offer eval:

Yoe 12
Offered TC: 240k approx(155 base, 120k sign on (90+60), 120k RSU)
Relocation to seattle offered separately
Teams: FLASH, BIG DATA TECHNOLOGY,Consumer experience tech

Need help in evaluating the offered numbers and any additional inputs on team selection will be appreciated

Thanks in advance.


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Amazon vujyubfj
    Big No. Sde2 is achieved by new grads in 2 years
    Aug 9 3
    • New / IT dfs.bfs
      Thanks - is there a room for negotiations in terms of money that I shld consider?
      Aug 9
    • Amazon vujyubfj
      I don't think amazon negotiates. DM me. I can share my numbers
      Aug 9
    • Oracle / R&D TLead
      Amazon negotiates if you have competing offers. 2.5 YoE and am offered 265k in Bay Area and 245k in Seattle for SDE2 L5.
      Aug 9
  • Microsoft


    Lowball a lot for 12 yoe, but if this is your only offer then that’s your market Value.
    Aug 9 0
  • WeWork / Eng rawrggggle
    12 YoE and only getting SDE2?
    Aug 9 0


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