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Tata Consultancy Services / IT sfdc__
Sep 7 10 Comments


Could anyone shed some light on Senior Salesforce Developer interview process at Amazon - People Technology team(Seattle).

Like, would they be focusing on any specific streams in Salesforce eco system like Lightning, Apex, VF, Integration, Configuration, trigger framework, design patterns etc. And is interview going to be mainly on coding, scenario based, design or problem solving.?

Any kind of information would be greatly appreciated.

TC: 140K.

Thank you!


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  • Accenture Aesrtd
    How was the interview? Did you prepare ds and algo?
    Oct 15 3
    • Tata Consultancy Services / IT sfdc__
      First round was purely Salesforce with live coding scenarios. Other rounds are at on-site scheduled on Nov'13. Seems like they are going to concentrate on DS and algo this time. As the interviewers are not having any SFDC experience when I looked at their LinkedIn profils. Will share the details once done with all the rounds. Good luck with your interview!!!
      Oct 16
    • Accenture Aesrtd
      Thanks for the info!
      Oct 16
    • Salesforce qnul76
      How did it go? Can you share your interview experience and offer ?
      Oct 27
  • Accenture Aesrtd
    How was your interview? Can you please share your interview experience
    Nov 21 4
    • Cognizant TcSt
      Concerate on LP, (40% of interview was on LP) be ready to code components and triggers on white board.
    • Accenture Aesrtd
      Sorry! What is LP? Did they ask data structures and algorithms in the interview?
    • Cognizant TcSt
      Leadership principles.. Based on my experience I din’t face any ds and algo.Recuriter will mention areas you need to focus on the prep call week before interview.
    • Accenture Aesrtd
      Which role did you apply? Developer or architect?
  • Cognizant TcSt57
    Can you share your experience and tips. I have an on-site soon
    Nov 16 0


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