Amazon commute benefits in Seattle

CVS Health zzwJ42
May 30 17 Comments

Can an Amazon employee please confirm about the actual commute benefits provided by Amazon? I know they provide a card which can be used on all buses and local trains but how about these:

1. Scoop
2. Uber/Lyft
3. Parking (if I choose to drive)

I heard about $160 reimbursement, does it include all 3 or $160 for each of these?

Checked with recruiter and got a link but it's not clear on that page.


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  • New fofO54
    Related, can I apply the $160 toward my apartment's parking garage if I walk to work?
    May 30 7
    • Amazon / Eng Wxfhs32
      No. Residential parking is not allowed to be expensed against the $160.
      May 30
    • Tesla AnlD52
      Please put down your employee ID so I can report you to HR for trying to disobey bezos
      May 31
    • New fofO54
      I don't work there.
      May 31
    • Microsoft MSFTBRO
      May 31
    • Coursera F.Y.I
      No, its actually very clearly stated that non office hour parking (or downtown overnight parking) is not reimbursable.
      Sep 5
  • Nvidia ethercoin
    Your benefit is after you get off of that long, stinky, sticky ass bus ride and still have a little energy left, you can dive into a pile of 🍌 until your manager yells at you for arriving past 8am and also eating all of the 🍌
    May 31 2
    • New hqWe60
      mmm 🍌🍌🍌🍌
      May 31
    • Amazon / Eng tenders
      I got promoted because of all the 🍌 I was eating
      Jun 2
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • Oracle / Eng otLQ15
      Not true, they will axe scoop if you got parking
      May 30
    • SUEZ MUS
      Can you just add expenses below $25 without a receipt and be reimbursed?
      Aug 26
    • Oracle djjdhbw
      of course
      Aug 26
  • Tableau dkcuabq
    Isn’t Scoop free for Amazon employees?
    Oct 2 0
  • Coursera F.Y.I
    Its $160 per month-whether you spend it on UberPOOL, LyftPOOL, scoop, or parking. You get taxed on the reimbursement for rideshares but not for parking. Rideshares are reimbursable if you are in a POOL. In general Amazon is frugal. Its part of the culture
    Sep 5 0
  • Microsoft / Data Hitres
    You can use this code MOHAMED1ZR to get two free Scoop carpool credits.
    Aug 13 0


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