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Amazon doesn’t share performance ratings with its employees. Wtf!

Amazon Hhjg
Feb 8

This organization owes its employees this data especially when a layoff or pay appraisal is dependent on this. You pay me to perform but don’t tell me my rating wtf!


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  • AT&T Mr.Fix
    Another reason Amazon won’t get my resume
    Feb 82
    • OpenDoor MhBB55
      Is the first reason just knowing that you wouldn’t get a callback? 😂
      Feb 8
    • Samsung uriI37
      @MhBB55 i get calls every month from some Amazon recruiter, sometimes more than once but i consciously avoid Amazon... so please dont judge others... working for a company is not a status symbol... its just work... try to have empathy for others..
  • Facebook public2
    Indentured servitude only works if you keep access to information private.
    Feb 80
  • OpenDoor MhBB55
    Feb 80
  • DigitalOcean bisou
    Then how are how performers identified?
    Feb 80
  • Zillow Group hiyy
    So they give you bananas every year in the peformance meetings?. Great performance is half a dozen bananas?
    Feb 80
  • Microsoft ogLh58
    Dropbox was open about it with me. But google, Microsoft, FB, Amazon doesn't even if you get an offer.
    Feb 80
  • Redfin Twilite
    You'll know your performance rating if it merits a PIP.
    Feb 80

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