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Microsoft / Eng rkkdl
Mar 31 16 Comments

Have an interview coming up shortly for an SDE 2 role and I'm just terrified with the opinions here on Blind about having to prepare stories for each of those LPs. I mean sure I can think of one instance for each LP but what if some other interviewer asks about the same thing again? Are we supposed to repeat stuff?
What degree of focus is laid on LPs, for a dev with 2.5 yrs of exp? Considering I do well in the coding and design part, will this be a deciding factor in what level I get?


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  • Amazon bayyzoes
    If you can bullshit and have other desirable skills you’ll do fine.
    Mar 31 5
    • Amazon bayyzoes
      Oh and they love it when you use phrases from the LPs in normal conversation. “Man, I just love being obsessed with my customers. I mean, it earns trust when I’m frugal with their resources and really dive deep into their wants and needs.”
      Mar 31
    • Amazon fKhc35
      ^^ this, take his advice.
      Mar 31
    • Works Applications / Eng recruiterq
      Apr 1
    • Amazon Ilama
      Do not do this. It will come across as cheap and insincere. You should be mapping your skills and background etc to LPs but do it in a natural and non-kiss-up way.
      Apr 1
    • Amazon bayyzoes
      You just described “If you can bullshit”
      Apr 1
  • Amazon olla
    Yes, LP is core of amazon hiring decision making.
    Mar 31 2
    • Microsoft / Eng rkkdl
      Boy, is my interview gonna be a shit show!
      Mar 31
    • Wayfair / Eng

      Wayfair Eng

      Software Engineer 2
      If you think so, dont go. There are other companies. Dont be an asshole. When you cosy up to TC and salivate over hopes of a higher stock, I am going to make that hypocrisy stink.
      Apr 1
  • New zeze.
    Yes it would. The LPs matter more than you think. The interviewers are assigned competencies that do not overlap so no 2 interviewers will ask questions for the same LP.
    Mar 31 0
  • Trulioo ama123zon
    Just list out some of the accomplishments you have and tag it to each LP. Learn to bullshit and it’s easy
    Mar 31 0
  • Google PageRanker
    You should not be repeating (as interviewers will compare notes). That’s why you need two for each, but will likely not need to use both.
    For me LP are absolutely the easiest part of the interview.
    You can BS your way through them if you are good at it (I am not), but best come prepared.
    Mar 31 0
  • GoDaddy / Eng employee07
    LP are important, but also the easiest part of the interview. It's almost like going in for a test knowing the questions. And since interviewers still only have an hour for the interview, the coding question tends to be easier since there's less time. All of the questions I got in my onsite were LC easy/medium.
    Mar 31 0
  • Google topCon
    LPs are basically BS. Learn to BS the BS and you'll be fine. Every company has some form of BS, just that Amazon has lots of it
    Apr 1 1
    • This guys f’d me over. I quickly solved the coding questions with optimized approach still they rejected me.
      Apr 1
  • Got rejected even if performed considerably well in coding. But screwed up in LP, took it lightly.
    Mar 31 0


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