Amazon onsite question

FuelQuest Cubbbe
Sep 22, 2018 16 Comments

I have an upcoming onsite with 4 separate people over 4 hours. Should I expect to have a technical question in each of the 4 interviews?


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  • Amazon temp-user
    What are you doing on blind, go leetcode
    Sep 22, 2018 0
  • Amazon / Eng 3d
    With 4, Interviews, it sounds like you will be a part of an event. In general, for SDE2, you should have three coding interview and one design interview. There should be a criss cross of leadership principles for each interview.

    @uLms63, what do you mean one "bahavuoral" with the manager - There is no such "exclusive" LP interview for SDEs.
    Sep 22, 2018 6
    • Amazon GIYE08
      He means a blitz.
      Sep 22, 2018
    • FuelQuest Cubbbe
      That doesn’t sound fun...
      Sep 22, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng 3d
      Yep - Blitz, you sit in a room (possibly 3 more candidates in 3 other rooms), four interviewers rotate around to meet each one of you. they get together at the end of the shuffle and capture feedback and discuss the outcome. From a candidate standpoint, interview blitz or normal interview - shouldnt make a difference. It can be harder on the interviewers :(
      Sep 22, 2018
    • FuelQuest Cubbbe
      Guess I better prepare myself to get blitzed...
      Sep 22, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng 3d
      Blitzes are usually half day, so 9a-1p or 1p - 5p

      I have seen 50 minute interviews with 10 minute breaks in between so 4 hours.

      If you are being fed lunch between interviews then it is not a blitz :)
      Sep 22, 2018
  • Amazon uLms63
    Assuming SDE. No, only 3 of the 4. The other one will be bahavuoral with the manager.
    Sep 22, 2018 3
    • FuelQuest Cubbbe
      Yes, SDE. Thanks
      Sep 22, 2018
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Slightly above average with 6 inches.
      Ulms is wrong. If it's only 4, then it's an event loop. All 4 will be technical. If it's a 5 person loop, 4 tech, one behavioral.
      Sep 22, 2018
    • Microsoft m_scott
      ^ this is correct
      Sep 23, 2018
  • MathWorks / Eng IoKJ06
    Recently I had amazon interview . It was more behavioral than tech .. first 35-40 mins behavioral and then last 20
    Mins coding question
    Sep 22, 2018 1
    • Microsoft Witcher
      Same here
      Sep 22, 2018
  • New !=faang
    Did you get an offer?
    Mar 13 0
  • IBM / Eng Leetcode
    Sep 22, 2018 0