Amazon recycle decision for on site interview

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Is Amazon recycle decision really a good decision after the interview? I was told they liked me but not for that particular role or line of business.


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    Depends. Maybe you lacked competency required for that particular role and they’re going to put you through another loop for another role/team.

    If you pass the loop but the team doesn’t want you for that job family/role, you will need another full interview cycle.

    If you pass the interview but the team doesn’t want you, the BR will(should) push back because no team should say someone is “good enough for amazon but not for my team.”

    If you don’t pass on LPs, you usually won’t be considered for any Amazon role (one-two year wait).

    Sounds like you may have satisfied them on LPs but don’t have competency for the particular role because experience or skill level. Either you’re being down-leveled(no additional loop) or going through another loop for another role.
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