Amazon top l5 vs low l6 pay

Microsoft gimmenums
Feb 14 12 Comments

Received an offer for L5 at amazon and trying to negotiate L6 but recruiter says that pay is the same for top of band l5 bottom of band l6?

Is this accurate? What TC to expect if just missed l6


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  • Amazon / Eng $name
    You can't negociate levels. You didn't meet the L6 bar and trying to come as an L6 would be a big mistake for you.

    You can come as an L5 and rock, get great ratings and quickly learn what you need to make it to L6.

    Or come as an L6, get shit ratings and risk be shown the door after a year.

    Seen that shit happen too many times, with the interview loop shying away from downleveling, all for it to end with someone that just relocated with family to Seattle get fired...
    Feb 14 0
  • Qualtrics CNgv51
    If TC is the same, ask them why they won’t make you L6. It will be much easier to get pay increases as a low paid L6 compared to high paid L5
    Feb 14 2
    • Amazon / Eng tylium
      Wont happen unless he passed the L6 bar
      Feb 14
    • Amazon 401Error
      ^ right.
      External hires are expected to be better than the median at that level. So they can’t get hired at low L6.
      Feb 14
  • Snapchat dilbert123
    High L5 would be ~290K-300k in Bay
    Feb 14 1
    • Oracle zyxw
      Feb 14
  • Oracle zyxw
    Top l5 band and low l6 comp band depends upon location and team and org (AWS or not AWS). I know someone who got close to 300k in total comp as a high l5 offer in Bay Area. Amazon always tries to downlevel people. Specially good teams. It’s very hard to get hired as l6, specially in good team of AWS, unless U have a lot of experience in the same field. Also do remember that it will be easier to perform as l5 when u start the job vs performing as l6.
    Feb 14 0
  • Amazon / Eng tylium
    230k ish
    Feb 14 0
  • Oracle TtDv62
    230ish seems right for L5 in Bay Area
    Feb 14 1
    • Twitch ~-~
      Nope. That’s average.
      Mar 30
  • Snapchat 💕 gossip
    What’s the offer op?
    Feb 14 1
    • Microsoft gimmenums
      Have not given numbers yet
      Feb 14