Amazon v. Netflix/Hulu/Comcast/Disney

Amazon LOoO34
Oct 29 19 Comments

Has anyone transitioned from Amazon to Netflix, Hulu, Comcast, Disney or another major media & entertainment company? Curious what level jobs would be equivalent to L6 for non-tech (business development or product marketing)


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  • Disney / Product

    Disney Product

    Warner Bros. Entertainment
    HelpIng Mickey spread happiness, now want to help common people like me 😉
    Avoid Disney at all cost if you have other options!
    Oct 29 11
    • Amazon LOoO34
      I heard Disney Streaming Services (inclusive of ESPN+ and soon Disney+) is slightly better in terms of culture - can anyone confirm/deny?
      Nov 3
    • Can't say much since I don't want to be outed but don't go there either. A lot of sneaky backstabbing. Why are you sooooooo stuck on Disney? D is just an a*hole fat boy with $ who doesn't innovate and just gets fatter by purchasing other things. If you're so desperate to go there you better have an exit strategy as soon as you get in.

      Also don't come back here and ask for referrals and cry out for a job 😉
      Nov 3
    • Amazon LOoO34
      Woah! Just asking the question — Disney is a big player in the streaming wars right now, never indicated a preference v. the other FOUR companies I asked about and am definitely not “stuck on” anything. But good to know it sucks.
      Nov 3
    • Well here @ Blind we take care of our own 😉 so want to make sure you don't end up somewhere bad 😁
      Nov 4
    • Facebook / Mktg NGtd88
      I had a great time at Disney culture was great (London office) but extremely low pay and extremely difficult and slow career progression. So if you are going there get in a decent role. Brand weight that is good though
      Nov 16
  • Amazon snrm12
    Went from Amazon to Disney. All of the titles in media & entertainment are usually inflated so aim high. An L6 at Amazon could easily get Sr Manager or Director at Disney.
    Oct 29 1
    • Netflix bread
      Netflix titles are deflated - heads up!
      Oct 29
  • Netflix / Eng believable
    At the end of the day, it's not about the title, it's about TC.
    Oct 29 0
  • Hulu ?!?!?!?
    Everything at Amazon & Netflix is definitely higher than Hulu/Disney, especially Netflix. If you can get into Netflix don't even bother applying to Hulu or Disney. You'll be lowballed like there's no tomorrow!
    Oct 29 0
  • HBO / Design

    HBO Design

    Amazon, Microsoft
    Transitioned to HBO. The will have to front load your compensation to make it worth your while
    Oct 30 0
  • Disney neUF50
    Are you asking about a back office or creative role? There’s a huge difference.
    Nov 6 1
    • Amazon LOoO34
      Product marketing or biz dev so back office?
      Nov 11


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