Amazon vs Booking vs Grab

New hpLo73
May 26 15 Comments

Hi all,

I currently have offers from all of the three above.

Booking (Amsterdam): Full stack engineer - 80K (base + bonus)
Grab (Singapore): Full stack engineer - 8.5K/month + bonus
Amazon (UK): SDE2 L5 - 67K + 27K + 35 stocks (4 years)

I am from India and currently live in the UK. I have been to Amsterdam once and found it quite good, I have never been to Singapore but have heard good things so far.

I am going to be a father in the next couple of months so I have to take that into account too i.e. healthcare benefits etc.

I am also, looking for work-life balance with career progression. I am a bit confused because all these companies are either doing really good or have a big tag name.



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  • Twitch VLmy43
    Take Singapore, easy access to India, good weather, amazing Indian food options. UK s weather sucks . Winter depression is real and their healthcare is a joke. Amsterdam , I am not sure abt the place.
    May 26 2
    • Amazon / Eng legend
      Care to elaborate on healthcare? I thought all European countries have high taxes but free and good healthcare. What's wrong with UK's healthcare?
      May 26
    • New hpLo73
      Netherland has 30% tax rebate so you end up getting more in hand salary than the UK.
      May 27
  • Each place has pros and cons. It depends what you’re looking for. I’ve been living in Singapore for a few years. Singapore is good for 1-2 years. I wouldn’t recommend to settle here. It’s very small and boring. The weather is unbearable. It’s literally hard to breathe coz of the humidity. In your spare time you end up hopping from one mall to another.

    If you like Europe, I’d choose I’ve had a very bad time working in Grab. The culture is terrible.
    May 26 3
    • Amazon / Eng batou
      thanks for the reply. could you elaborate on the culture? why do you think it is bad?
      May 26
    • New hpLo73
      I did some calculations and found that I will save much more working for Grab, then Booking and in the last Amazon. After living in the UK, Singapore looks cheaper for the same standard of living.
      May 27
    • The company’s grown too fast and they lost the control. The bureaucracy and politics became unbearable. They’re burning money like crazy. The hiring bar is very low and they hire literally everyone. Expect a cultural shock if you worked for a corpo in the UK. People are unprofessional and immature in Grab. Having said that if you can save here more then maybe you can treat this place as a stepping stone.
      May 27
  • LinkedIn / Eng PinkMink
    You will save more compare to Amsterdam in Singapore because of low taxes but weather is too humid, you won't feel like going out over weekends.
    Plus, having car is so expensive. If you love driving then you will surely miss it
    May 26 1
    • New hpLo73
      Netherland has 30% tax rebate too for people coming from outside.
      May 27
  • Oracle pzd
    Under no circumstances, go to
    May 26 0
  • Twitch HBtB81
    There’s an Amsterdam office?! Lol
    May 26 1
    • Oracle pzd
      Booking is based out of Amsterdam
      May 26
  • New / Product pEWi67
    Singapore for sure for proximity to India and low taxes. I actually like the weather here over the horrid summers in India.
    May 29 0
  • Flipkart LQRh54
    What is your total years of experience? Is Booking offering this for a senior role ?
    May 27 0
  • Quantiphi / Eng

    Quantiphi Eng

    BNP Paribas, HERE
    May 27 0