Amazon writing assignment

Mar 17 11 Comments

Hey blind,

I was wondering if anyone else has done the written assignment for amazon and has some advice? I’ve been told to focus on the leadership principles, but was curious if there’s any particular I should emphasize?

It’s for a design researcher role and I have to summarize a previous project in 1 page.


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  • Google Methane
    You must be interviewing for L6.
    Mar 17 8
    • New BBear
      I’m in the middle of the recruitment process with Amazon now. They are having me do a writing sample that is due a couple days before my on-site. I assumed it was for a level 5 but I’d love it if they were considering me for a level 6. How do I confirm this?
      Mar 17
    • Microsoft Darth G
      Interesting. I did not get asked for one for my L6 interview fall 2017. I think it’s a great idea. Anything to assess dimensions other than LC!
      Mar 17
    • Google Methane
      Ask your recruiter. It probably depends on role and org as well
      Mar 17
    • OP
      Sorry, I’m not too familiar with Amazon’s levels, but is L6 considered senior? I’ve done a quick google, but just wanted to confirm.
      Mar 18
    • Google Methane
      Yes. For SDE it's SDEIII which is considered senior. L7 this then principal.
      Mar 18
  • Cisco ABGslayer
    Write an essay about how giving out free bananas isn’t frugal and you might get an offer
    Mar 17 0
  • Microsoft


    Taco Bell, Campbell Soup, Jack in the Box
    Looks like they are trying to get some free work out of you.
    Mar 17 0