Any MSFT CSA’s here?

Jun 8 6 Comments

Was hoping I could ask a Cloud Solutions Architect from Microsoft to give my resume a look.

I’ve had 0 luck applying via portal which I find odd bc two of my team members with similar experience made that move. They can’t give me a referral for one year according to their IBM contract and I don’t blame them for wanting to play that safe.


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  • Microsoft


    Google, Amazon, Apple
    RIF relatable AF
    I work with INCREDIBLY UNDERQUALIFIRD CSA’s all the time. It’s like a club to get in more than skills based the way I see it, sorry bubs.
    Jun 8 2
    • OP
      There’s always under qualified people I guess but from my understanding of the work, I should be pretty qualified
      Jun 8
    • Microsoft VDWC17
      So...let's keep new talent out? Seems like a very self-destructive attitude.
      Jun 8
  • Microsoft / IT QLIA15
    Are you external or internal?
    Jun 8 1
  • Microsoft VDWC17
    PM me
    Jun 8 0


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