Any experiences with Topgrading style interviews?

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I'm currently interviewing with a company and have been invited to an on-site interview. Intially I was very excited, everyone I've spoke to so far, I had excellent conversations and rapport with. I became hesitant when they sent a 50 page "Topgrading" interview document to help me prepare that explains the Topgrading process. After reviewing this document, I'm seriously rethinking whether or not this a company I should work for. This document contains both biased and illegal questions. Some examples: (1) asking me to document salary history over the last 5 years, (illegal by equal pay act of California and many other states since 2017). (2) asking me to detail my college activities, study habits, GPA, awards, extra curricular, clubs, etc...(this assumes good candidates have only one type of background, as well as time and money. Personally, I didn't have time for extra curriculars I worked 30 hours a week in college and paid my own way). (3) asking me to detail my reading habits (I am reading books, however this also makes the assumption that if you aren't reading then you're not a worthwhile candidate). (4) what sort of mood swings do you experience? How high are the highs and how high are the lows? (This is a strange question and willing to bet it's illegal especially in the case of people with mental illness). These questions I didn't find to have any bearing on whether or not a person is qualified to do the job. Finally, Topgrading is built on a principle called TORC "threat of reference check" they ask you to provide all your past managers in the last 5 years as references (this is a scare tactic meant to scare away people who are liars and not A players, this assumes many people have something to hide). I'm not keen on a recruiting approach that feels more like a interogation for criminals. Also, I'm willing to bet this company has a diversity problem with the type of implicit assumptions made in this interview questioning. Additionally, the process was created by a white man and the company I'm interviewing with has an entirely white leadership lineup, that's almost entirely male. I'm wondering if I stand a chance against this type of bias and I'm contemplating cancelling this interview. (About me: a Woman and minority) thoughts?


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  • Pinterest puutin
    Please let us all know which company this is. Will be greatly appreciated
    Nov 10 1
    • New / IT XiRl45
      Shame the company
      Nov 10
  • Facebook TheClaw
    I had a topgrading interview once. Worst experience ever.

    Fuck topgrading. It's all stupid bullshit like having you give your W2s and paychecks so they dont overpay you and needing all of your former managers cellphone numbers so they can ask whatever they want. Super fuckin shady.

    What is the name of the company so I can never do business or work there.
    Nov 10 0
  • Capital One youaintme
    I would bow out of the interview process just on the fact they sent me a 50 page document to prepare myself, def not worth going any further in my opinion with such an intrusive process
    Nov 10 0
  • New / IT XiRl45
    Still go ahead and shame , a startup with such culture is not a great place to be in
    Nov 10 0
  • Facebook MhFm41
    Would appreciate if people could chime in on their experiences if they have them or thoughts. It's a startup not a big company.
    Nov 10 0
  • New Nanami
    Which company? Is this a Quant firms?
    Nov 10 0
  • New / IT XiRl45
    Shame the company
    Nov 10 0


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