Anyone who could refer me to @Adobe ! (ASAP)

Ellie Mae Th0007
Jun 20 12 Comments

I see a job profile on adobe website. I am confident I can crack it.

YOE: 10
AWS certified / Full stack Lead

Would really appreciate if anyone can forward my resume to the Hiring manager.
Promise : Will treat u to a fancy lunch/ dinner :)


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TOP 12 Comments
  • New ewTc57
    How can someone vouch for random people on blind? Random referrals doesn't do any good. If they didn't respond when you applied online probably position is filled or didn't like your profile.
    Jun 21 7
    • Amazon bezos,Jeff
      Well duh. But what do you lose for referring someone?
      Jun 21
    • New ewTc57
      Well you didn't get my point. How will they even get a job if random referrals doesn't even matter
      Jun 21
    • New / Data

      New Data

      Actively looking for full-time opportunities in Analytics, preferably in the Bay Area. Master's graduate in Business Analytics from UTD
      Employee referrals aren't exactly random. You don't have a checkbox or a radio button which asks if you ACTUALLY know the person you're putting in a referral for.
      Jun 21
    • New ewTc57
      I am not sure how it happens in your company but it doesn't work that way in all the companies. Recruiter/HM usually reached out asking how you know that person.
      Jun 21
    • Adobe spiltBeans
      At Adobe there are a couple of questions asking about how you know the person and why you are referring them.
      Jun 23
  • Google larrypagei
    Just apply online.
    Jun 21 0
  • IBM UOKj64
    I applied through a referral and haven't heard back
    Jun 21 0
  • Symantec NJrS13
    dm me
    Jun 21 0
  • Ellie Mae Th0007
    Did it. No response yet :(
    Jun 21 0