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Apple legal plan

Intel bqjQ17
Dec 5

Hi everyone

I was curious if Apple provides legal assistance as a part of employee benefits. At Intel we have the Hyatt legal plan. Does Apple have something similar?


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  • Apple cho Chang
    There is one but it’s not free; u would need to pay for it.
    Dec 52
    • Apple magikarp16
      Like how much? 50% of the costs?
      Dec 5
    • Intel bqjQ17
      Yeah of course. I pay about 20 per month for my current plan. I was wondering if there is an option to get one at Apple too..
  • Intel Randomfit
    Hi, can you share something more about the Hyatt legal plan at intel???
    Dec 50
  • Intel GWGA84
    What is the Hyatt legal plan?
    • Intel UfCX54
      It's on the benefits page, at the bottom. Or talk to ask ivy. It's a little hard to get to. And you just missed open enrollment.

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