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Aug 15, 2017 5 Comments

I would be joining Amazon in few weeks from now around sep end or October 1st week. Wanted to know when does Amazon have the annual appraisal process? On Year end ?
Since I would be joining by October should I join in a timeframe where I am eligible for appraisal at Year end or should I join later to skip the appraisal process at all ? What's good from long term perspective?


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    Full stack of despair
    Count the number of times you cried and use that as a metric or superpower
    Aug 15, 2017 0
  • I would not postpone joining over this.

    My understanding is that you are ranked around the Feb/Mar timeframe and soon after you have your performance review.

    By May your manager should have set your yearly goals and how you will be measured against them. If they have not and they ask you to do it, it means they are not abiding by their responsibilities in which case you should find a better team or company.

    Contrary to what their PR is saying, Amazon has not ended the process of stack ranking.
    Aug 15, 2017 2
    • Citibank / Eng

      Citibank Eng

      Tata Consultancy Services
      Thanks ...this helps ! However I thought Amazon is abandoning the stack ranking by 2017. Are they not ?
      Aug 16, 2017
    • BlackBerry J2TheRoc
      That's what their PR says. I've friends who work there and they say they haven't seen any changes in the process. Old wine in a new bottle is what Amazon is. Don't be fooled by the packaging/presentation
      Aug 16, 2017
  • Amazon / Sales AmzzSeattl
    You cannot postpone your start date because you want to time a yearly review. And yes there were changes to reviews and what you read in the media is not always correct. The false news stories around Amazon are always hilarious especially when people from other companies are posting about what they think is how things are. Get in, ramp up, and start kicking some butt to make history.
    Aug 17, 2017 0