Are my landlords coming back?

Apple tWXs45
Jan 10

I am renting a nice home (rent is ~$7k, 3BR/2BA, 8 months left on a ~18 mo lease) in the Palo Alto/Mountain View area from an employee of a FAANG. The employee (and family) had been living there for approx 13 years, with 2 teenaged children, so the kids effectively grew up in this home. The parents both came from German-speaking countries, but the children were born and raised here in US. The employee was moved to Germany with his family, and when we rented in the first place, the parents suggested they yearned to return to Europe. They were candid and also said they were uncertain their children would want to stay in Europe however. So the lease term reflects the possibility that their oldest child would want to come back to the US to go to college.

I love the home and the neighborhood, and with housing prices what they are, I would love to be able to extend my lease. I was thinking I would be willing to sign a 5 year lease, maybe longer. I’m very intimidated by housing prices here, and just don’t feel it’s so vital to compromise on location just to own some bland $2M home in the Southbay. Is that rational? I have 2 children and don’t foresee leaving here imminently because of the career opportunities. I understand buying vs renting kind of nets out to be even over a 10-15 year period, given the premium you pay to own here.

Now, for whatever reason, I’ve indirectly but pretty clearly asked my landlord (the wife) how things are in Europe, how their children are adjusting to get some input on whether she’s inclined one way or another and she hasn’t bitten or addressed my questions (we communicate via WhatsApp). I figure I dont really need to know their answer until 3 mos before lease is over, but for peace of mind, want to know. Since I’m not gonna know the answer for a few more months, was hoping for the psychic wisdom of you freaks. What do you think?

Seems there are arguments that cut both ways. On the one hand, why move your family all the way around the world *to your homeland* for 18 months only to come back to boring South Bay? On the other hand, seems likely that teenagers thrust into a foreign culture for 18 months would probably want to come back home for college, no?



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  • Google L6 Intern
    Best written totally worthless poll ever.
    Jan 101
    • Microsoft / Engtattle
      Ha ha ha ha
      Jan 10
  • Google kweJ64
    TC? U can afford 7k rent. It is a sin to not tell TC then.
    Jan 102
    • Amazon / EngGHskann
      ^ TC or GTFO
      Jan 10
    • Apple tWXs45
      Wife also works. She’s a lawyer.
      Jan 10
  • Apple / Ops^H^H^H
    Why are you asking us to guess what your landlords will do?
    Jan 100
  • Apple tWXs45
    TC 350k
    Jan 103
    • How can you afford 7k rent on that TC? Do you sell equity every month and not save much?
      Jan 10
    • Amazon ChiknTikka
      He said above his wife works as a lawyer so family TC is much higher.
      Jan 10
    • Intel / Engpleb
      How did you find her ? I want one to support me too.
      Jan 12
  • LinkedIn vfgh215
    Invest in a house. Do you really want to piss away $420k over 5 years paying someone else's mortgage instead of your own?
    Jan 100
  • SAP / Engruntime
    Ask your landlord. How could we know ?
    Jan 100
  • Facebook public2
    This is the reason people prefer to buy a home. Regardless no one is going to give you a 5 year lease.
    Jan 102
    • LinkedIn 紅色貓咪
      But everyone on the internet said I could find an idiot landlord who will give me below market rent forever!
      Jan 10
    • Amazon what¿
      If it pays the mortgage while building equity, why not? Especially if they are in a different country. Depends on the situation.
      Jan 10
  • Uber CashIn
    Tim cook spotted
    Jan 101
  • Google raAG25
    Any update?
    Mar 100
  • New DuQvV7x
    The Karstjens are quite awesome. They are enjoying their time in Germany. However due to eurozone economic issues they are planning to return.

    Say hello to Henk for me next time you message them.
    Jan 120
  • Rubrik blindedog
    TL;DR version?
    Jan 110
  • Facebook / Eng


    Google, Oracle
    worked at Oracle, then Google, now Facebook.
    As long and stink as the feet wrapper of a lazy woman.
    Jan 110
  • Microsoft amused
    Lots of hot German guys. Also college is probably cheaper over there.
    Jan 110
  • Microsoft slugger
    Op thinks we are psychic o.0
    Jan 100
  • Google 1234-/:;(
    I know some people who had to move their kids back from home countries because their kids werent able to adjust in those countries. They were also behind on schooling in those countries since they arent fully fluent and compitent to the grade level in the native language due to the fact they grew up in the US
    Jan 100
  • AMD


    No clue on your question but I have never heard of a 5 year residential lease. Also it doesn’t matter how long your lease is since they will be allowed to break your lease if they wanted to move back in.
    Jan 100
  • F5 Networks Op64em
    Weather in Germany vs Weather in South Bay...
    Jan 100

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