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New wrpz85
Oct 14 2 Comments

hi folks,

Am getting calls from FAANG and an planning to start applying in a month or so. Need some help on which level I should attempt or accept at as I’ve largely mainframe experience and have moved to object oriented world only 5 years back.

my problem is I’ve total Experience - 13 + years , 8 years of which is in mainframes (functional programming) and 5 in mobile (object oriented).

My computer science degree from 13 years ago is helping me catch up to object oriented tech world but the less number of years of experience (5) in object oriented world shows a bit and am not sure if I should apply and accept at a lower level or target a higher level. I hope to fill the gap at some point in my career.

Any advice would be helpful.


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  • Apple ghahue120
    You shouldn’t down level yourself, given the years of experience you got. The functional vs OOP point is irrelevant. You have experience in both you should know the trade offs. And as stupid as this sounds, leetcode easy-medium should be stroll in the park for you. Trust me no one gives a shit about you not remembering the name of design patterns from the Gang of Four. What they will give a shit about is if you can’t validate that an expression has the correct number of parentheses.
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    • New wrpz85
      Thanks for the inputs
      Oct 15


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