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Amazon amzn#jam
Mar 14 16 Comments

Wondering if anyone recently gave onsite interviews in MTV office and how long did the recruiter take to get back with a feedback/result.


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  • Amazon amzn#jam
    Thank you all. The recruiter got back to me today morning and in the process of finalizing the offer :)
    Mar 15 8
    • EPAM Systems / Eng xylophone
      Thank you! And do you have other offers?
      Mar 16
    • Financial Engines Qaplwsok
      Congrats amzn#jam! I had few questions. I have DMed you.
      Mar 18
    • Optym OBvX83
      amzn#jam congrats. I’m on the same boat - will DM you.
      Mar 30
    • eBay / Eng anythingg
      I have DM'ed you
      May 13
    • Target horsepower
      OP: what was your offer?
      Nov 10
  • VMware stormb
    I did.
    Recruiter was very fast with initial feedback.
    It took almost 2 weeks from we want to make you an offer to making me an offer
    They even added an additional interview in the middle due to leveling
    Mar 14 3
    • Amazon amzn#jam
      Thanks! I had my onsite a week back and the recruiter looks like he is ghosting me. Can I know which team you are interviewed for?
      Mar 14
    • VMware stormb
      Mar 14
    • SAP


      American Bureau of Shipping
      @VMWARE, TC YOE ?
      Nov 1
  • American Express gandalf$$
    They ghosted me after my on site, never heard back from a recruiter.
    Nov 3 0
  • Atlassian / Eng
    Luffy, M.D

    Atlassian Eng

    A prematurely grumpy somewhat old man
    Luffy, M.Dmore
    Yeah, I got very cast feedback when I joined about a year ago and then about a week to make the formal offer.

    From the inside doing a lot of interviewing, we do sometimes get someone who passes the interview bar but then I later hear they didn't get an offer for the lack of a good team match/hiring manager who actually wanted them. Not sure how often that happens but definitely a thing since the values interview while usually a manager may or may not be the hiring manager or even a manager who has headcount.
    Mar 15 0
  • Atlassian euphoria13
    I've had some referrals get ghosted in the SF/MTV offices recently. Be persistent in following up and maybe reach out to the hiring manager.
    Mar 14 0


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