Best Wireless carrier for Retail management TC?

T-Mobile zKLY51
Nov 7 12 Comments

Wondering what carrier offers the best total comp for retail management positions. I’ve been with T-Mobile for almost 10 years and make 90k a year but promotions seem to have become stagnant in my area since the merger with sprint was announced. How is it over at Att and Verizon?


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  • AT&T / Sales salesrep94
    Honestly best move would be to get into a business/government sales role. Best chances to maintain pay, and get an increase in overall pay.
    Nov 7 0
  • Verizon african78
    Verizon store Managers start at 60k with commission can go upwards to to possibly $100k. but trust you will wrk for every penny...Then get laid off...
    Nov 7 0
  • Cellular Sales BCarlsen
    I'm a B2B Rep for a Verizon Dealer Called Cellular Sales. I'll Probably rank somewhere around 72k this year. Iv seen reps make more. Sales reps just in the store (NO store Managers) make 50-60k and Sales leads 100k. Try to stay away from Dealers. They promise the world and under deliver in pay massively. Was an SM for Sprint for 6 years. CSOKI is the only company I'd recommend. I make $80-120 average per phone I sell. Sometimes even more.
    Nov 7 2
    • AT&T / Sales ef4515
      B2B sales rep at AT&T make 77k if they just hit quota and are internal hires, maybe you should look into AT&T business acquisition team.
      Nov 7
    • AT&T / Sales ef4515
      What I meant by this, is that internal hires usually get the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to the base.
      Nov 7
  • New / Eng bytec
    Probably the wrong forum for this question
    Nov 7 1
  • Sprint / Sales

    Sprint Sales

    Account Executive in NYC
    Get the fuck out of retail and sell software. You can get a job as an AE somewhere and you will make 150k if you hit quota
    Nov 7 0
  • Wireless Zone duckfeet
    Take your skills to multi unit management in a Dealer. Negotiate salary based on your experience and work out commission or profit sharing. Sometimes you can buy in as a managed partner with ownership in the store.
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  • T-Mobile Iamilli
    Are you in a HV store?
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  • Verizon african78
    all the way facts....
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  • AT&T / Sales ef4515
    AT&T caps store managers at $100k area managers Start anywhere from $97k and cap at around $120k- hope that answers your question.
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