Best software for tax?

Amazon desiiii
Feb 11 6 Comments

Is TurboTax the best?


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  • eBay laserpntr
    Taxact. Don’t give your money to intuit. They are evil.
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  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

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  • Roku CsPw57
    Try credit karma, its free and pretty good. Pain if you have lots of stock transactions
    Feb 11 1
    • eBay laserpntr
      Free because they make you agree to let them sell all of your info? Or....
      Feb 11
  • Google chamiyaa
    TurboTax & FreeTaxUsa are both highly recommended here within Google's internal forums. Several people have compared both and received comparable results.

    H&R and TaxAct come in often in discussions too and seem to be good with slightly less intuitive UI.

    Credit Karma works for basic situations but seems to not support many common scenarios.
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  • New / Eng / /
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