Buying Home in Milpitas and Office in Palo Alto

Cisco Csg
May 12 5 Comments

Need suggestions about buying house in Milpitas and office is in Palo Alto.

House or new construction Apartments are under 1M.

Is it a good decision but in Milpitas and commute ?

Any other place to buy Dublin , Pleasanton, Fremont , Newark, Union City.

Is it right time to buy or wait, as the prices are going down.


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TOP 5 Comments
  • Prices are correcting like hell - smellmitas will be hit first and hard. I went through this in 2009.
    May 12 3
    • Cisco Csg
      It’s not a good place to buy ?

      Where should I explore with 1M budget and office in Palo Alto.
      May 12
    • Smellpitas is called that for a reason. I did not want my kids breathing that air - so I got out as soon as the market recovered in 2016. Wait for a year or two .. 1 mill might get you a condo somewhere close to your office.
      May 12
    • Nutanix lolhahawow
      I'll take the occasional Milpitas smell over the smell of coming home to my Sunnyvale condo and all my Indian neighbors are cooking dinner with the front door open. You may not like it but it do be dat way sometimes
      May 12
  • Facebook / Eng Yawgdra dr
    Sent you a DM, I’m actually trying to back out of a new apt in Milpitas that will close soon since I’ve had to relocate. Lmk if interested
    May 12 0