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Jan 30 4 Comments

Diagnosed with sleep apnea and using a trial CPAP machine from Kaiser. I’m having trouble falling asleep with this contraption - Res Med device that looks like scuba diving gear. Can’t believe they make something as clunky as this in 2019.

Would like to hear experiences from the community, and if there are specific devices you recommend.

Thank you!


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  • Atlassian WB2000
    If available, try out different types of masks. It makes a world of difference if you can find one that works for you.
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  • LinkedIn Satpho
    I had the same experience recently. After a week, i gave up as my sleep was much worse and i couldnt get used to it.
    Jan 30 0
  • Salesforce BuaY65
    Tried the same machine from Kaiser , didn’t work for me as I alternate sleeping on sides a lot. Life is much better without it now, I work out a little and control my diet , I sleep much better. We’ve changed our mattress and sleeping side as well, seems to be working for the past 1 year.
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    I'll be honest, I clicked this because I read it as CRAP machine lol
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