Can I apply for L7 or L6 at Amazon?

New / Product Legoles
Oct 6 17 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Currently I am working as Associate Director PM at a in US. I have 12+ years of experience. Of which last 5 years are at my own startups that didn't scale . I have Btech and MBA from top universities of India. Can I target L7 at Amazon or L6 (Sr . Product Manager).


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  • Credit Karma BeffJesoz
    No idea for PM but for SDE, external L7 from no name company is just a dream. L6 at best
    Oct 6 1
    • Netflix depo
      At very best
      Oct 15
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    • Amazon Nsgdbp
      How do you know level 7 upper band? How do you know what the band is? You may not be mislevelled but I can see from your comments that you are going to have to work really hard to survive. Level 7 tech folks or non-tech folks at Amazon own extremely big goals at a large scale. No other company even fangs, often come close to the scale. You may not think you need luck but you will realize soon that is not true. I have seen several L6 and L7 folks with fine pedigreed education and experience struggle. Plus you are joining AWS where bar of delivering results is in general even higher than rest of amazon. Know what you are getting into, it will help.
      Oct 7
    • Intuitive Surgical maakasaki
      Are you saying the level I am is less demanding and I should be afraid and hide under the table than to take a job ?
      Oct 7
    • Intuitive Surgical maakasaki
      Explain me big goals ?
      Oct 7
    • Intuitive Surgical maakasaki
      BTW band is something that you get to know when you stretch them with multiple offer and negotiate on large scale to level match and in multiple revisions you get ball park estimate of where will you can land
      Oct 7
    • New kpPr15
      @maakasaki - Congrats. Is this TC in Seattle? Whats the breakdown like? Care to share where the negotiation started? I am in a similar situation so the info will be helpful. Thx!
      Oct 7
  • Amazon becurious
    Oct 6 0
  • Amazon Nsgdbp
    You are L5 or maximum L6 for Amazon if you make it through the interviews.
    Oct 6 0
  • Amazon amazons
    Sounds like l6 to me, regardless of what you target
    Oct 6 0
  • Chase CompLions
    how do u find out the post you applied for is L6 or L7?
    Oct 8 0
  • New / Product Legoles
    I went through Amazon process for Sr. PM L6 a year back.
    Oct 7 0
  • Amazon bandwagon
    As a PM you will be primarily considered for L6 roles. You have too much experience for L5 but there's generally not enough scope and complexity to show L7 responsibilities.
    Oct 6 0
  • Booz Allen Hamilton pimpledman
    Why not. Go for it!
    Oct 6 0


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