Can Stripe L4 match Lyft L6 offer?

Lyft ccxdr
Jul 19 22 Comments

Been at Lyft for over 2 years. Current TC is $750K ($240k base and $500k stocks).

Can Stripe L4 offer match this or get to at least $600k+?

Does Stripe has yearly target bonus and refreshers?


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TOP 22 Comments
  • Micro Focus / Product GWOz11
    Just curious, why do you want to leave Lyft with that much stock on the table?
    Jul 19 6
    • Amazon TRuc81
      Can’t you sell your shares now to diversify?
      Jul 19
    • Lyft ccxdr
      Pre IPO diversification. Future equity diversification.
      Jul 19
    • Lyft LsWI45
      what are you talking about? when you vest future Lyft shares, sell then immediately to diversify.

      if you move to another company with a similar magnitude of shares then you'll have the same problem.
      Jul 27
    • Lyft ccxdr
      Perhaps I dint explain well.

      Suppose I have $2M granted Lyft RSU. $500K is vested and $1.5M unvested due next 3 years.

      Assume I get Stripe job with $1.5M to vest in next 3 years, and Stripe goes IPO during this time.

      Scenario 1: Assume Lyft grows 2X in next 3 years and Stripe grows 3X.

      Stay with Lyft: $500K x 2 + $1.5M x 2 = $4M.

      Go to Stripe: $500K x 2 + $1.5M x 3 = $5.5M

      Scenario 2: Assume Lyft grows 3X in next 3 years and Stripe grows 2X.

      Stay with Lyft: $500K x 3 + $1.5M x 3 = $6M.

      Go to Stripe: $500K x 3 + $1.5M x 2 = $4.5M

      So when I meant future stocks diversification I meant choosing an option with medium risk and medium reward among the above options.

      I don't plan to sell any Lyft vested stocks, and want to hedge my future options to have medium risk medium reward hence "DIVERSIFICATION".

      Let me know if above makes sense. Happy to engage in a debate to tease out anything you see illogical above.

      PS: There could be others ways of diversification by selling my vested Lyft stocks but I don't want to consider those options. I already have large stocks in a well diversified portfolio that secures my future well. I am only looking at the aspects of move between Lyft and Stripe, and the associated diversification advantages.
      Jul 28
    • Lyft Automoto
      Remember, half is gone in taxes. So the risk to reward doesn’t seem so worthy
      Jul 31
  • Stripe / Eng jaQG11
    Jul 21 0
  • Cisco amznoin
    $500k stocks per year?
    Jul 19 1
    • Lyft ccxdr
      Yes. I joined much before IPO so the equity has appreciated quite a bit.
      Jul 19
  • Stripe commoner
    Fuck no. Keep minting.

    Stripe is not going to grant you what Lyft has.
    Jul 30 0
  • Amazon kudobear
    Hi Dave
    Jul 22 1
  • wow 750k are you T6 or T7?
    Aug 10 1
    • Lyft !lyft
      T6 but joined 2+ years ago so initial grant and refreshers have added up.
      Aug 10
  • Bank of America Private Bank / IT hard work
    Jul 19 1
    • Lyft ccxdr
      10 years
      Jul 19
  • Visa CQxl25
    What is L4 ?
    Jul 19 1
    • Lyft ccxdr
      Stripe levels start from L1. They seem to have only 6 levels. map high Lyft L6 to Stripe mid L4.
      Jul 19
  • Amazon / Eng pYBx23
    definitely go to stripe, an amazing company, super solid business model, making tons of money. I remember they only valued at 20b right now, think at as a next PayPal you see the potential?
    Aug 9 0
  • Stripe commoner
    No, but if the company grows by another 2x you may be close
    Sep 25 0
  • Apple nonsen
    What is the typical annual refresh for T5 and T6?
    Sep 25 0


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