Can ask HR to move my joining bonus to espp pre-tax?

Dec 6, 2018 8 Comments

Hi, I have an offer from nvidia. They are offering me joining and anniversary bonus. Can I ask one of them to be espp pre-tax? Or even just stocks?


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TOP 8 Comments
  • Microsoft Gxira
    No. Don’t ask. It will make you look stupid since there’s no such thing as pretax espp, and taking stock instead would be taxable just like cash.
    Dec 6, 20181
    • Microsoft hhjvvgh
      Dude didn't ask if he would look stupid. He definitely would look stupid if he asked.
      Dec 6, 2018
  • Microsoft 4655434b
    How would it ever be done pre-tax?
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Microsoft hhjvvgh
    You can always ask the question. That doesn't mean it would happen.

    Maybe you should ask (blind) the likelihood of them adhering to your request.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Nvidia Player07
    Very unlikely nvidia will do that. Also consider 25K limit on annual espp purchase.
    Dec 13, 20180
  • Nvidia Tumi
    Nope, I don't think you can
    Dec 6, 20180
  • Nvidia Biqk71
    ESPP is not compensation. It is a subscription program that allows you to buy stock at a discounted price.
    Dec 6, 20180
  • MuleSoft Damndaniel
    No. It’s a public company. Doesn’t work like that
    Dec 6, 20180

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