Citadel/hedge fund bonus after year one

New ynhoj
May 13 12 Comments

Hi, I've been offered a job from Citadel in the range of 180k base / 110k bonus, guaranteed for the first year, but pro-rated.

I'm trying to understand how to value this offer beyond the first year. My recruiter tells me that if I meet expectations and the firm does as well, I'll receive a bonus >= my first year bonus.

Does anyone know if this is true? Trying to compare to offers from Google and Amazon in the range of 230-250k TC.


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  • Facebook Spdz
    Your recruiter is correct. Your bonus should increase every year (stay constant in a bad year). If you're doing so poorly that you're not worth your last year's bonus, Citadel will likely fire you instead of reducing your bonus. Comp growth is a great motivator.

    It's unlikely you'll get fired in your first few years, unless you're very incompetent.

    Source: I was a quant at Citadel.
    May 13 5
    • Nvidia Brouwer
      Why the move from Citadel to fb out of curiosity?
      May 13
    • Facebook / Eng shortguy
      What is the bonus structure for SWE roles? Is it similar?
      May 13
    • Facebook xdiy26
      This is correct. If your bonus doesn't go up you have bigger problems to worry about. This applies to all finance companies, not just Citadel.
      May 13
    • Facebook Spdz
      At banks, bonuses going down in a bad year is quite common. Happened to lots of people I know. Similarly if you manage your own book at a fund or a prop shop - down years happen.
      May 14
    • Zillow Group c##
      What does the comp growth look like? Base % increase + bonus % increase ever year? Can you share approximate numbers?
      May 14
  • Amazon bfueksns
    A friend got a package with 200K targeted cash bonus from Citadel
    May 13 2
  • Citadel kg124
    Bonus grows at inflation
    May 16 1
    • Apple mmmm2
      Even for high performers?
      May 16
  • Google mTFf70
    Too much grinding?
    May 13 0