Comcast e6 pay

Comcast TcwT76
Feb 5 19 Comments

I am an e6 software eng at Comcast in Philadelphia and my pay is around 160k 18 YOE. Based on what I have heard from others this is really low.


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  • AppDynamics / Eng software g
    Do not compare your salary with Bay area companies especially Fang and the equivalent.
    Feb 5 0
  • Comcast UCqH56
    i’m eng 4 @ 150k .... trying to figure out how to get to eng 5
    Feb 6 4
    • Comcast / Data

      Comcast Data

      I hear it's easy to ask for title change if you switch to a different team
      Feb 6
    • Amazon imaven
      150K base or TC?
      Feb 22
    • Comcast / Eng PnzA38
      Which coast?
      Feb 26
    • Comcast UCqH56
      base pay in colorado
      Mar 16
  • Groupon JAtn47
    Base or pkg? Seems pretty high in PA
    Feb 5 1
  • Cox Communications wPeg33
    I used to work for Comcast they treat their employees like crap I thank God I moved away and got a job with Cox they treat their people much better.
    Feb 6 0
  • Facebook gSAt44
    I used to work in Comcast. That’s not low
    Feb 5 0
  • Apple parking
    That’s like 400k in Bay Area
    Feb 5 0
  • Comcast / Product

    Comcast Product

    Verizon, GENBAND, NXP Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, Nokia
    I know e5’s at Comcast (in Bay Area) are around on base ~ 175
    Feb 22 1
    • Intel Inteltired
      What is the base for E3/E4 ? I would also like to know rsu provided ?
      Feb 25
  • Facebook gSAt44
    Base or TC?
    Feb 5 1
    • Comcast TcwT76
      it is Base, tc 200k
      Feb 5
  • What’s an e6 ? How many YoE ?
    Feb 5 1
  • Comcast tlXA65
    Base e5 is 140-165
    Mar 16 0
  • Comcast tlXA65
    TC for e5 in Virginia is around 190-200k. For e4 deduct around 25k
    Mar 16 0