Companies that hire data scientists in Dallas/Houston

Jul 17 4 Comments

Need to relocate to the area due to a family reason. What are good companies to work for as a data scientist in the Dallas/Houston area with a good balance between tc and wlb? The companies that hire data scientists seem to be:

Dallas: Intuit, Walmart Labs, AWS, Azure, AT&T, Verizon, Toyota, Pepsico, JC Penny, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, banks, consulting firms

Houston: Two Sigma, AWS, Azure, consulting firms, oil companies

I like Intuit and Walmart Labs, but not sure about other companies. Are there any good tech companies that you know of?

TC: 108K, 1YOE


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Salesforce nohanarama
    Are you actually a data scientist? Or do you just build models using existing software, and test them to see if there's correlation with your theories?
    Jul 17 2
    • AT&T PRfI48
      Depends on projects. There are some good projects that require actual data science works and some bad ones that your clients want you to apply data science when what they actually meant was linear regression.
      Jul 17
    • New lbuy82
      WTF? When did model building using existing software and linear regression become "not data science"?
      Jul 17
  • Ford carsun
    Jul 18 0