Compensation at Google

Pitney Bowes Buchanan
Dec 2

I’m applying for a program manager role at Google. I realize it is a bit early, but wanted to be prepared in case things progress with the application. What can I expect in terms of compensation as someone with 10+ years experience in a field that is very niche/hard to find?


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    • Microsoft gfba68
      You think nobody has heard of Pitney Bowes???
      Dec 2
    • Morgan Stanley ninja007
      Depends on his skill set I’d say. It’s premature to disqualify just because you haven’t heard of a small public company (1.5 Bn) specializing in cross border e-comm transactions.

      Do you realize that the really good people at other companies are way smarter than the minions at FAANG?

      OP - don’t get discouraged by morons like this.
      Dec 2
    • Microsoft Lotl
      Google is hiring PMs with domain expertise and experience with enterprise (large, white label) customers. Some are niche players that can help remove gaps and aid in customer onboarding.

      @swastika you need to sit at the kids table this holiday dinner.
      Dec 2
    • @swatsika Says a guy who works for a company whose only mission is stealing and selling data, spreading fake propaganda. Lol.
      Dec 2
    • Whose data did you Snoop into today?😂
      Dec 2
  • Google / EngPfjhebs
    In general, I think PM is SWE pay but at L-1
    Dec 22
    • Amazon HelpEarth
      Is see?
      Dec 2
    • Google / EngPfjhebs
      Typo from trying to type SWE. Removed now
      Dec 3
  • Oracle ForcedT
    What is this field of yours that is hard to find?
    Dec 20
  • Google 🕘....🕔
    If you do well at interviews, you should get an L5 offer. TC can be anywhere 350 - 450.
    Dec 20
  • Facebook public2
    Whatever you negotiate
    Dec 20
  • Cisco / Salesgmk
    Hard to find??
    Dec 20

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