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Compensation for L3 SWE at Google

Undisclosed a6h43iz
Dec 4

I just made it past HC, I have team fit meetings later this week, and the recruiter said he is going to get compensation information in the next few days. What should I expect?

I'll be an L3 SWE on the east coast. I have 1.5 YoE and a BS in CS.

TC: $75k


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  • Microsoft blind1186
    Dec 41
  • Google albhed
    I’d expect $180k tc with no competing offers.
    Dec 40
  • Google hfxB28
    Expect a low ball unless you have a competing offer. I joined as an L3 with 2yoe. They would’ve low balled me significantly but I had a competing offer they barely beat. TC: 225+40 sign on
    Dec 43
    • Google noname5
      What was your initial offer?
      Dec 4
    • Thats L3 offer?
      Dec 4
    • Google hfxB28
      I received a ballpark from the recruiter of around 110-120 base with ~140rsu/4 years (cant recal exactly). I responded with a competing offer of 150/200.

      Yeah L3 offer
      Dec 4
  • Amazon BeanyBit
    Dec 40
  • Undisclosed WARP ZONE!
    This is irrelevant to HR Issues.
    Dec 42
    • Undisclosed J Fn Leave
      You not too bright are you
      Dec 4
    • Undisclosed WARP ZONE!
      You're dimmer than a dead lightbulb submerged in a cave pool. Fuck up mate.
      Dec 4
  • Google djisjd
    Total comp would be about 2.3x what you're making. 2.8x if you have the right competing offer
  • Verizon ShutTheFup
    Dec 40

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