Compensation in London for SDE1 and SDE2?,

Expedia Group / IT wilskracht
Sep 2 11 Comments

Looking for compensation stats for London for an sde 1 and 2 level. Planning to move from Seattle to London due to visa issue.

Currently on f1 Visa. One last attempt remaining for h1b.


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  • Facebook / Eng

    Facebook Eng

    "visa issue" - were you issued a visa ? Or did you have an issue with your visa?
    Sep 2 2
    • Expedia Group / IT wilskracht
      One attempt remaining for h1b. Currently on f1
      Sep 2
    • Splunk / Eng ImaRainbow
      F1 == student. It expires after enrollment ends. It grants employment status during academic breaks. Hence the need for a work visa once school ends.
      Sep 3
  • Expedia Group who ???
    If you are moving within Expedia, you will just collect your current pay in different currency.
    Sep 4 5
    • Expedia Group / IT luftbellon
      How can I confirm this?
      Sep 8
    • Expedia Group who ???
      You can talk to your manager and HR. By current salary in different currency if you are earning $100k you will be paid a pound equivalent of that not 100k pounds.
      Sep 8
    • Expedia Group / IT luftbellon
      Ok. Thanks. Are you aware of anyone who has made such a switch in the past?
      Sep 8
    • Expedia Group who ???
      Yes one guy on my team did that for the exact same reason. He got his H1 picked the year after and he moved back.
      Sep 8
    • Expedia Group / IT luftbellon
      Can you please dm me his contact details? Much appreciated!!
      Sep 8
  • Expedia Group tmh089
    Current TC ? Want to see where you lie in the current band ?
    Sep 5 1